Oriental InfraTrust

Oriental InfraTrust is an irrevocable trust set up under the Indian Trusts Act, of 1882. It is registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India as an infrastructure investment trust under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Infrastructure Investment Trusts) Regulations, 2014.

Registration Number:   IN/ InvIT/ 18-19/ 0011
Date of Registration: 26/03/2019

Oriental InfraTrust is sponsored by Oriental Structural Engineers Private Limited (OSE) and it’s subsidiary Oriental Tollways Private Limited (OTPL) which has been one of the leading construction companies for more than 50 years and has worldwide expertise in the construction of rigid and flexible pavements for roads, highways, and airfield. OSE also acts as the Project Manager for the Trust.

Further, Axis Trustee Services Limited acts as our Trustee, and OIT Infrastructure Management Limited (Formerly known as the Indian Technocrat Limited) has been appointed as the Investment Manager.

The Investment objectives of the Trust are:


a. To carry on the activity of an InvIT as permissible under the SEBI InvIT Regulations, to raise resources, directly, through the Trust or indirectly, through the Project Entities, and in accordance with the SEBI InvIT Regulations and to make Investments in accordance with the directions of the Investment Manager;

b. To acquire, hold, manage, invest in, transfer or sell the Project SPVs which undertake Projects only in respect of roads and highways Projects;

c. To raise funds in accordance with the InvIT Documents and applicable law (as defined in the Trust Deed), for the purpose of attaining the object and purpose of the Trust;

d. To make Investments and distributions in accordance with the InvIT Documents and applicable law (as defined in the Trust Deed);

e. To do all other things necessary and conducive to the attainment of the Investment Objective of the Trust as set out above, directly or through agents or other delegates (including the Investment Manager) in accordance with the provisions of applicable law (as defined in the Trust Deed) and the InvIT Documents; and

f. To not carry on any principal Business or Trade, other than those permitted under the InvIT Documents.

The Trust currently has a portfolio of six road assets, consisting of five toll-road assets and one annuity road asset, in the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka. These roads are operated and maintained pursuant to concessions granted by the NHAI and are owned and operated by Project SPVs. After listing of its units, trust has acquired a toll project from its Sponsors in the month of October 2022.