Climate Change Commitment

ESG Policies and Commitments

(Oriental InfraTrust)

Commitment on Climate Change

Oriental InfraTrust is committed to safeguard and work on sustaining the environment and complying with all applicable laws. We believe that Climate Change solution requires action from all levels of society.
Owing to the same, OIT shall remain committed to:

  • Working with different stakeholders to develop and adopt technologies and solutions to achieve energy-efficiency with a goal of reducing carbon footprint
  • Adoption of renewable energy in its operations and sourcing
  • Assess climate change risks from OIT’s operations; monitor and mitigate material climate change risks by setting achievable targets
  • Publish climate related initiatives to contribute to reduction of climate change impact, in public domain in a timely, consistent, and a transparent manner as per national and international standards
  • Reducing its environmental footprint beyond GHGs, including air emissions such as PM and VOCs, protecting the environment and its local communities
  • Educating and assisting its suppliers and business partners to implement programs that help OIT achieve its Scope 3 GHG reduction targets

This Commitment for climate change shall be available on OIT website and to each Employee in OIT to ensure everyone behaves in a responsible manner.