Human Resource Policy

ESG Policies and Commitments

(Oriental InfraTrust)

Human Resource Policy


OIT believes its people are an important asset and play a significant role in achieving its objectives. OIT recognizes their contribution and is committed to provide a diverse, inclusive, safe and comfortable work environment to all its employees.


This policy is applicable to the employees of OIT and SPVs.

Policy Statement


  • Prohibited Labour Practices: OIT shall operate in compliance with the International Labour standards. OIT shall ensure that no prohibited labour practices are conducted across its operations.
  • Recruitment and Induction: OIT shall remain committed to being an equal opportunity employer irrespective of gender, caste, creed, religion or any such differentiator. OIT shall be fair in its selection process. OIT shall ensure a transparent framework is followed for the process of selecting and onboarding employees. OIT shall ensure a safe environment for all candidates throughout the recruitment process. OIT shall ensure a structured induction program and provide a conducive environment for their integration and career progression within the organization.
  • Right to Association and Collective Bargaining: OIT shall acknowledges the right of its employees to form, join, and engage in representative organizations and bargain collectively over working conditions according to the national laws
  • Diversity and Inclusion: OIT shall build a diverse and inclusive workforce and treat all members of the workforce equally. OIT shall provide a fair and transparent process for promotions, recruitment, career transitions, etc. and shall conform to statutory regulations and agreed industry best practices.  OIT shall ensure fair treatment of all its employees. OIT shall provide a safe working environment for all and stands strictly against discrimination. OIT shall provide fair compensation at par with the industry norms and compliant to legal requirements.
  • Occupational Health and Safety: OIT’s occupational safety and health responsibilities are driven by commitment to zero harm to all its stakeholders and the society at large. Backed by a robust management system and a governance structure, we endeavor to achieve this ‘zero harm’ objective and ensure good health and safe work environment for all our employees and stakeholders.
  • Working Hours and Attendance Record System:OIT has 6 official working days in a week with the General Shift from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. At sites where 24 hours operation is required, additional shifts with not more than 8 hours of working shall be adopted. A Daily Attendance Record System shall be established to track adherence to the official working hours and day’s regime. Working over-time shall be avoided, and if it is not avoidable, the extra hours beyond working hours shall adhere to the limits allowed under the national and regional laws.
  • Mentoring & Training: OIT shall support the skill improvement of employees necessary for career progression. OIT shall identify the training needs through skill-mapping and prepare training plans accordingly. OIT shall provide mentoring to high performing employees in order to improve their performance. OIT is committed to a smooth transition in leadership and shall create a succession plan as and when required and provide training in accordance with the plan.
  • Retrenchment: OIT shall resort to retrenchment only when deemed necessary by the HR department after considering all alternatives. OIT adheres to the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947. Any retrenchment plan prepared shall be presented to the higher management for review and an approval from the Board is sought prior to its implementation.
  • Workers’ Accommodation: OIT shall provide accommodation for workers (if required as per applicable government regulations), the accommodation shall be appropriate for its location and be clean, safe and, at a minimum, meet the basic needs of workers. The provisions at workers accommodations should be compliant to BOCW Rules 1998) and as per provisions in IFC EBRD Guidance Note on Worker’s Accommodation 2009.
  • Canteen and Creche: OIT shall have provision for an operational canteen accessible to all its employees. OIT shall ensure the canteen meets all required quality standards. Furthermore, OIT shall ensure availability of creche facilities, in cognizance of the importance of childcare for working parents. OIT is committed to provide access to a functional throughout the working hours, in accordance with legal provisions of the Maternity Benefit Act.
  • Performance Evaluation, Rewards and Recognition: OITshall follow a transparent process of performance evaluation which is based on well-defined job-description and key performance indicators.OIT shall recognize the importance of Rewards and Recognition to employees in building the performance culture of the organization. OIT shall create a culture of rewards and appreciation through celebration of various achievements and recognizing the contributions behind each success.
  • Employee Welfare: Owing to the importance of employee welfare, OIT shall provide various benefits including paid leave, medical insurance, and emotional/ economic rehabilitation to employees to meet any emergency/exigency that may arise in a person’s life.
  • Claw Back: OIT shall have the right to demand that the KMPs and Directors repay Incentive Compensation in the case where the Audit Committee determines that incentive compensation was overpaid, or that the personnel who was awarded Incentive Compensation has committed an act constituting Misconduct. If the personnel do not reimburse the Company for the demanded Incentive Compensation, the Company shall have the right to sue for repayment and enforce the repayment through the reduction or cancellation of outstanding and future incentive compensation.
  • Privacy of Personal Information: OIT shall respect the privacy of all its employees and is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of the personal information of all its employees. All Business Heads/Employees shall be held directly responsible to safeguard information that relates to individuals, thereby ensuring compliance with OIT’s Data Security and Security Policy[Link]. OIT’s Employees shall understand and value information and its sensitivity and exercise their individual responsibility to protect it. Furthermore, no one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his/her/their privacy, family, home, or correspondence, nor to attack upon his/her/their honour and reputation.
  • Bribery & Corruption: OIT’s employees and those representing it, including agents and intermediaries, shall not, directly, or indirectly, offer or receive any illegal or improper payments or comparable benefits that are intended or perceived to obtain undue favours for the conduct of its business
  • Grievance Management: OIT shall ensure all its employees have the right of grievance redressal giving equal opportunity to provide facts and proofs without discrimination for all involved in the investigation process. OIT shall have a thorough inquiry procedure that ensures all parties are treated fairly and addresses complaints adhering to the principles of natural justice, secrecy, sensitivity, non-retaliation, and fairness.
  • Social Responsibility and Employee Volunteering: OIT shall committo serving the communities and shall encourage employees to do the same. OIT shall train employees about their social responsibility and provide them with opportunities to volunteer for the betterment of the society.
  • Recreation and Cultural Events: OIT shall remain committed to provide the best available work life for its employees. OIT shall provide a range of recreational and cultural events from time to time for its employees.


The KMP shall review this Policy periodically to ensure effectiveness of the policy and recommend appropriate revisions to the Board for consideration and approval.