Occupational Health and Safety Policy

ESG Policies and Commitments

(Oriental InfraTrust)

Occupational Health and Safety Policy


Oriental InfraTrust’s (OIT) occupational safety and health responsibilities are driven by commitment to zero harm to the stakeholders and the society at large. Backed by a robust management system and a governance structure, we endeavor to achieve this ‘zero harm’ objective and ensure good health and safe work environment for all our employees and stakeholders.


This Policy is applicable to all employees and other stakeholders of OIT covering all the operations and business associates.
Policy Objectives:

  • Safety Governance: OIT shall have a strong governance structure driven by the Health Safety Environment and Sustainability Committee of the Board (chaired by an Independent Director) and the HSE & Sustainability Council (Comprised of Key Management Team (KMT members chaired by the Chief Executive Officer). Their directives shall be cascaded to HSE & Sustainability Team through monthly reviews, which are then executed across OIT HO and SPVs.
  • Responsible Business Conduct:OIT shall conduct all Business activities in a manner that avoids harm to all employees (including employees of Project Managers, SPVs, and Contractors) and other third-party individuals (including road-users, neighboring communities who have usufructuary rights within the road RoW).
  • Work Environment:OIT shall provide a safe and healthy work environment to the employees and third-party workers, in compliance with this Policy and to promote good health and safety behavior beyond the work environment.
  • Standard Operating Procedures:OIT shall design and implement effective use of safe working procedures, practices and operations and ensuring set procedures for emergency situations.
  • OH&S Awareness:OIT shall develop occupational safety and emergency response related awareness amongst contractors, including sub-contractors, as well as direct and indirect employees and workers, to prevent occurrence of accidents (personnel injuries and property damage) and occupational diseases.
  • Leadership and Capacity Building: OIT shall build OH&S leadership capabilities at all levels in the organization and allocate necessary resources to plan and implement effective training programs as well as recognition and reward system.
  • Investigation and Improvement: OIT shall set procedures to investigate incidents and events whether internal or external to identify the root causes and take steps to prevent occurrence of such events in the future.  The learnings from such investigations shall be widely disseminated within OIT and SPVs for continual improvement of OH&S performance and achieve ‘zero harm’ objective
  • Monitoring and Audit Mechanism: OIT shall establish and implement a continual monitoring and review system for effective implementation of the policy and management system by conducting timely audits and implementing corrective action measures.


The Sustainability and CSR Committee shall review this Policy periodically to ensure effectiveness recommend appropriate revisions to the Board for consideration and approval.